27 March 2019

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Visit Cilento

Cilento is a magical land, rich in everything that can involve the visitor in an extraordinary experience. The emphasis seems hard to challenge.

Cilento is famous for its sea: whole 13 beaches located on the Cilento coast obtained the blue flag in 2018, an extraordinary result, there is no other area of Italy that can boast a comparable result.

But Cilento also has beautiful and gentle hills and high mountains,balconies overlooking the sea, or mountains covered with woods: in a few kilometers the landscape changes and you go from the atmosphere of the beaches, to the cultivated hillS, to the mountain forests.

The Cilento National Park is an extraordinary concentration of natural beauty,of protected and uncontaminated spaces, and countries where life is still authentic and healthy.

Archeology and typical products.

In Cilento there are world-famous archaeological remains.

Paestum with its extraordinary Greek temples and its magnificent museum is at the entrance of the Cilento from the North, an archaeological area of exceptional value and great beauty, which has fascinated Goethe and travellers in the 700/800 and continues to attract tourists from every part of the world.

 Elea / Velia Рtoday in the municipality of Ascea Рis the Greek colony in which philosophy and science were born in Italy, in the 5th century BC with Parmenides and Zenone, exponents of what is famous as the Eleatic school.

Today you can visit the remains of the ancient city, and see the Greek theater, the Porta Rosa, the remains of ancient temples and the walls.

But the best part of Cilento is the quality of life: in the villages, along the coast, in the cultivated and olive-filled countryside, life is quiet, full of peace and laxity, based on a relation between times and rhythms of nature that makes the visit and the life of those who live there pleasant.

It’s no coincidence that the studies on the Mediterranean diet were born here, to verify how the longevity of the inhabitants and the low presence of diseases related to stress and lifestyle were linked to the diet, and in general to the quality of life.

So the pleasure of eating in Cilento is also linked to its healthiness: what more could you wish for?

And so welcome to Cilento, ready to taste high quality blue fish, the home-made cooking made of homemade pasta, fruit – the famous white figs – cheeses and dairy products – buffalo mozzarella – carni.

To enjoy food and to gain health and well-being.

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