Rooms are designed to give moments of relaxation to their guests. The objects, the colors, the perfumes contribute to create a natural atmosphere, capable of instilling sensations of complete well-being.

Each room has been designed starting from a specific set of colors, with the idea of recreating a natural atmosphere inspired by the 4 basic elements of life: water, earth, fire and air.

Elements of the natural world become essential parts of forniture and they integrate perfectly into the environment: olives branches, shells, tree barks, etc.

Many of the elements that compose the furnitures have been handmade from ancient objets, which sometimes are actual heirlooms and family memories.

Therefore items intended for oblivion or distruction have founded new life, in full coherence with the environmentalist spirit that characterizes this structure.
At Panacea B&B nature is home.

Prices are per room per night. All rooms are doubles. In the WATER and AIR rooms it is possible, on request, to add a third bed. To book the third bed, select the appropriate option as an extra service during the confirmation.
The cost of additional bed is 45euros per day.



with local products


equipped with all comforts